The Band

June 5th 2018. It all started as five colleagues who dusted off their instruments, tuned their guitars and sharpened their drumsticks. Rustic at the start, but this music machine is becoming more and more well-oiled! Follow us on this fun journey to proper bandhood. Why not pass by one of our rehearsals or bug one of us for a (live) audio sample at work?

The rockstars/rockstarters

The diversity in our day-jobs couldn’t be bigger, but as a band it all makes sense. Fighting cybercrime andwhatnot during the day, and making l33t music together in the evening. Which day-time or night-time job would you prefer?

  • Singer – Mathilde
  • Guitarist – Ferry (new!)
  • Pianist – Tim
  • Bass player – Robin
  • Drummer – Matthijs